Summer Mystery Quilt

I developed this mystery for my guild, Illinois Quilters, Inc. and posted it to QuiltBee and Quiltnet; feel free to share it with your friends, just let them know where you got it! There are only 4 parts. If you do the mystery, I would appreciate a photograph of the resulting top.

Lynn Dykstra

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Summer Mystery Quilt - Part 3

Please, be sure you've completed Part 2 before beginning Part 3

Step V Dark and background trios

Take 52 A patches and 26 D patches. Sew together as A-D-A. Press to dark.

Step VI Medium dark accent and dark trios

Take 13 G patches and 26 D patches. Sew together as D-G-D. Press to dark.

Step VII Combining results of steps V and VI: Block #1

Make 13 square blocks with one D-G-D pieced between two A-D-A pieces

ADA DGD ADA Press toward the center bars. It should measure 8 inches square at this point Block 1 is complete!

Step VIII Joining background squares to accent pairs

Take 12 B patches and insert into 24 accent pairs from step IV. They fabrics should be lined up as: 4-5-1-5-4. Press toward the background.
Final steps and putting it all together are next time!

Part 4 of the Summer Mystery Quilt

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