Summer Mystery Quilt

I developed this mystery for my guild, Illinois Quilters, Inc. and posted it to QuiltBee and Quiltnet; feel free to share it with your friends, just let them know where you got it! There are only 4 parts. If you do the mystery, I would appreciate a photograph of the resulting top.

Lynn Dykstra

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PS: I always add the challege to a mystery by allowing myself to use only fabric already in my stash.

Summer Mystery Quilt - Part 1

Quilt size: 37.5 inches square without borders

Step I Fabric selection

Fabrics: You can either use a single fabric for each number or use scraps in similar colors/values for each selection. Either should yield a great quilt!

Hints for new mystery quilters: Choose focus fabric or color first. Or choose a multicolored border material and draw colors from it. Take a piece of paper and tape a snip of each fabric next to numbers 1-5. Also, make sure you use a consistant quarter inch seam allowance.

Fabric Number 1: Background: 1 yard

Fabric Number 2: Dark fabric: 3/8 yard

Fabric Number 3: Focus fabric: 1/2 yard

Fabric Number 4: Medium light accent fabric: 1/4 yard

Fabric Number 5: Medium dark accent fabric: 1/4 yard


  1. Pale green print
  2. Black stripe
  3. Large coral print
  4. Slate blue print
  5. Reddish orange print

Example # 2 (1930's style scraps)

  1. Various white on white prints or solid white
  2. Lavender prints
  3. Green prints
  4. Yellow prints
  5. Blue prints

Next time we begin cutting and sewing!

Part 2 of the Summer Mystery Quilt

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