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For your reading pleasure, the NetForms User's Guide is on-line.

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Example Systems

We suggest you start off by trying out one or two of the examples. Not only will they help you become familiar with how NetForms works, but they're also a great place to begin creating your own NetForms based Web services.


The Classifieds - This demo implements a Classified Ad system, where people can post ads for various items.

Build A Home Page - Don't want to teach everyone in your organization HTML? Use this system to allow people to create their own pages.

Recipes - This is a great place to get started with NetForms, because it's a very simple example. It also shows off the new VERIFY directive.

Feedback - The Feedback forum is a fairly comprehensive system for allowing users to give feedback on an Internet site using a BBS-style threaded message forum.


GuestBook - A place for people to "sign in" to your Web site and let others see who has been visiting.

Feedback PLUS - This is the Feedback demo revised to include the responses directly in the original article (using INSERTFILE). It also shows how to simplify the response file using HTMLFILENAME in a hidden field.


Mailing List - This is an example of how you can use NetForms to store data in an ascii file for importing into another application or database.


Send Me A Message - Here is an example of using the NetForms SENDMAIL function to send an e-mail message.

Ask A NetForms Technical Question - This one is a good example of sending mail, and is also a handy way to contact us for Technical Support.

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