Miter She Wrote

Jessica Fourpatch's Case #113

Join Jessica FourPatch for another romp into the unknown (for awhile, that is!) as you make this jazzy quilt top in your choice of three different sizes. It will keep you busy, but bar none - you'll have a great quilt top to show for it!

© 1998 Merry May

Please read all instructions before beginning.

Basic quiltmaking and rotary-cutting skills are assumed. All dimensions include 1/4" seam allowances, unless indicated otherwise. Try to cut and piece as accurately as possible.

Please prewash and iron all fabrics. Good-quality, 100% cotton is recommended.


Rotary equipment: mat, cutter & ruler

Sewing machine, extra needles, extra bobbins, and extension cord

Large spool of neutral-color sewing thread

Basic sewing kit, including: a seam ripper (just in case!), quilt pins, regular pins, etc.

Scissors for cutting fabric; they need to have very sharp points!

Washout pencil or chalk marker for marking on light fabric

Optional: one pack of 2" x 4" GRIDDED GEESE

Two empty cardboard paper towel tubes (we'll explain later!)

If you're doing this project as a workshop, you'll also need to bring a bag lunch.


PLEASE NOTE: Yardages given below are for all three sizes of quilt tops. The first set of numbers given are for the Small quilt top which will measure 60" x 76"; those in (regular parentheses) are for the Medium-size quilt top (76" x 92"); and those inside the [brackets] are for the Large, queen-size quilt top [92" x 108"].

We strongly suggest that you go through the instructions and highlight (or underline or circle) whichever set of numbers applies to the size of the project you've chosen to make. If this is a one day project, we encourage you to stick with the smallest quilt top in order to make the most progress.

Small Top

60" x 76"

Medium Top

76" x 92"

Large Top

92" x 108"


(background; tone-on-tone recommended):
2 3/4 yards (3 3/4 yards) [5 1/2 yards]


(focus fabric):
1 1/3 yards (2 yards) [2 1/2 yards]

Dark #1

(this should be your darkest fabric; can be a solid):
1 1/4 yards (1 3/4 yards) [2 1/4 yards]

Dark #2

(swirly floral recommended; best if it's in the same color family as Dark #1):
1 1/2 yards (2 yards) [2 3/4 yards]

Keep going! There's lots more to do before the fun begins!!!........
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