Miter She Wrote

Jessica Fourpatch's Case #113

Join Jessica FourPatch for another romp into the unknown (for awhile, that is!) as you make this jazzy quilt top in your choice of three different sizes. It will keep you busy, but bar none - you'll have a great quilt top to show for it!

© 1998 Merry May

If you haven't already, please read Part 5 before beginning Part 6

Part 6

Remember the Flying Geese units which you sewed into sets of three 'way back during Part 2 of this series? Well, whether you remember them or not, you now need them, so youd better go find them!

You'll also now need the quarter-square triangle units which you made during Part 3.

Sew one of the Flying Geese units to each side of one of your quarter-square triangle units as shown below. Be sure to check the layout before and during your piecing of these units, because it's easy to have things going askew!! (Good word, eh?) Keep going until you run out of the quarter-square triangle units. You should now have a total of 12 (20) [30] of these units.

Press seam allowances toward the quarter-square triangle units.

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