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Miter She Wrote

Jessica Four-Patch presents: Case #108

© 1997 Merry May

Make a 64" square quilt top which includes an optional friendship block swap mid-way through the series. Or, keep all of your own blocks and gather your own bunches of signatures for your quilt. After all, as they say, "Friends are the Flowers in the Garden of Life!"

Please complete Part 5 before going on.

*** Part 6 ***

Sew the 16 remaining units from Part 2 (the sets of three half-square triangles) to the units you assembled during Part 5 so they look like the diagram below.


Add the 16 remaining units you pieced during Part 3, so they look like the diagram at right.


Meanwhile, tune in at our regularly scheduled time for Part 7 of Jessica Four-Patch's Case #108!

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