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Chicken Scratch Quilt

 Sharon in Baltimore

This chicken scratch quilt was made while recuperating from a knee replacement last year. Chicken scratch is worked on gingham check it resembles crossstitch.

When working the design use an embroidery hoop with the fabric pulled tight. Embroidery floss is used making a cross + over an x. It was something different to try. Anyone interested in this technique can visit my web site at

Jungle Windows

Jane in NC

Here is the attic windows wall hanging I made for my twin grandsons' birthday. The project called to me when I saw the jungle animal fabric. It was also my first attempt at free hand meander machine quilting and I am glad that the photos are not of such a quality as to show the details. I had fun making my first computer generated label with the help of June Tailor computer printer fabric and my new scanner.

My First Quilt


This is the first quilt that I made. I made it from rags that I collected from work.It is kind of special to me. I made it for my daughter to take with her to her first year in college. She will be leaving soon, and I hope when she looks at it , she will think of home and her loved ones.

Sailboat Quilt

 Barbara --

These are the sailboats made for my son,pattern by Joyce Schneider. All foundation pieced,machine stipple quilted. A very time consuming project!

Beanie Baby Quilt

 Lana Taylor

This is a quilt that was made especially for my daughter who is a very big beanie baby fan. She loved the quilt so much that she requested a "teenie beanie" quilt for her doll, which I have just completed. It was a great joy to make this quilt, I don't know when I have had so much fun!m

Marilyn's Quilt

The WWQP BB Quilters

This is the Quilt that these wonderful ladies on the BB sent in blocks for. Monica in Maine put the quilt top together, from 144 blocks all signed with name, city/state/country of contributor. Then she sent it to Trudy in IA who had volunteered to do the MQing. Sent it back to Monica to put the binding on and then it was sent to me. I presented it to Marilyn on her Birthday, July 8th, during our Senior Meal with a reporter/photographer present from The St. Albans Messenger. The label for the quilt was made by Sue in Germany.

The Raffle Quilt is almost identical to Marilyn's Quilt, except that it has only one border.

Marilyn was overwhelmed when she saw it and asked me to be sure to thank everyone for her. THANK YOU ALL!!

Anita's Log Cabin

 Anita Whorton

I always wanted to make a log cabin quilt. I also wanted to create a pattern using dark and light fabrics. I found the directions in 'Quilter's Complete Guide' by Fons and Porter. In this unique type of string or strip block, narrow fabric strips or logs surround a center square, which some believe represented the heart of the home. According to quilt lore, a red square symbolizes a chimney; a yellow square stands for a lantern in the window.

I used a rotary cutter and the assembly line method.

Lori's Cat Quilt

 Jo Ann R. Smith

This is the cat quilt I made for my daughter for Christmas using the cyan colored fabric we could seem to match with anything

Barb Smith's Y2K Quilt

Barb's Y2K Ohio Quilt Barb Smith

Here is a picture of my Y2K quilt. 2,000 pieces from around the world. Sorry the photo isnt better! It is the state of Ohio. Came out better than I thought it would. Plan on entering it in the State Fair.

Oriental Poppy & Thimbleberries Challenge

Melinda in Omak, WA
Oriental Poppies Oriental Poppy

The Oriental Poppy with fans quilt was one of those "four year projects". I made the wedge ruler fans first to play with my new rulers. I HAD to have the black Hoffman fabric, with the silver streaks running through it, as the featured fabric so it went in the center. Then I decided it needed Grandmother's Fans around the medalion center. The whole top was together and laying around for months because I didn't know what to put in that great expanse of black in the middle! Thank goodness for quilt club members who take one look and say, "Needs big red poppies..." Ta da!

Thimbleberries Challenge Quilt Thimbleberries Challenge

The Strippy with fans quilt was made for one of the last Thimbleberries fabrics challenge. I chose Grandmother's fan from the options presented. I love that pattern, obviously! And then watched Fons and Porter on TV one day when they featured old time strippy quilts and decided that would be my setting. Then while designing the layout on my EQ2 program I made a "mistake" and got the off set framing for each block. Just the "mistake" I needed! Machine pieced and quilted. Scrappy, gently curved binding. Melinda in Omak, WA

Barbara's First Quilt

Barbara's FIrst Quilt By Barbara Jones Hoag

This quilt is the first one I have completed. I used a design and technique I perfected myself using tools I made. Since I am not a quilter I was really pleased with the results. The pillow is the ring bearer's pillow I made for my daughter's wedding using more advancements I made on the technique.

Diana's Dream

Diana's Dream by Mrs. K. Gayan

This is a quilt I started making the night Princess Diana died, so I renamed it "Diana's Dream". It is an original design by Virgina Walton called "Morrocan Dream" I bought the pattern from her at a workshop I took and I love the result. Virginia Walton invented the "Creative Curves Ruler" and I absolutely loved her workshop and this quilt. It is the one most people want of all my quilts.

Greg's Vacation Quilt

Greg's Vacation Quilt By Darlene Kubeck

This quilt was made by my friend, Darlene, for our mutual friend, Greg. Darlene used the photo transfer technique to create a quilt containing images from some of her and Greg many adventures. This quilt contains images from Egypt, & Greece and was a Christmas present for Greg in 1997.

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