Request for Columbine

The following is a request that was received by the WWQP. If you think you can help, please contact the sender directly.

The WWQP Staff

I am writing to you from a software company called DogByte Development. We are participating in an "Art Therapy" Center this summer for the Columbine High School students, faculty, families and community. The center will begin sometime this summer and will be a place for Littleton residents to work on scrapbooks, memory albums and journals. This project was organized by Jeanne Reed, president of the Int'l Scrapbook Trade Assoc. and is being supported by manufacturers and suppliers of scrapbooking supplies.

DogByte Development is setting up ten computer stations in the center and we have volunteered ourselves to facilitate the creation of a "digital" memory quilt. Littleton residents will have an opportunity to create a quilt square using the computer, scanner, etc... and can embellish the square with embroidery, puff paint, markers. DogByte will collect the squares and turn it into a quilt, or quilts, depending on the number of squares and what the Columbine High School administrators decide to do with the quilt(s).

I am writing to ask you if you can help us out at all. We are looking for volunteer quilters to create this quilt in memory of the incident. I went to your web page and noticed that you are participating in a quilt project for the Kosovo refugees and thought I would write to you. If you have any suggestions or can provide any assistance in this project, please let me know!

Thank you!
Please call me or write to me if you have any questions.
Warm regards,
Debra Wong
DogByte Development
Tel: 212.579.0335 (NYC)
Fax: 212.873.8943

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