A very special, special quilt

Sue & Eric Traudt pose with the quilt

The WWQP Bulletin Board Y2K "Thank You" Quilt

On Sunday, December 19th, 1999, my husband, Eric, took me out to dinner at Peppercorns Restaurant in Wallingford, Connecticut for what he promised to be a big surprise. And he wasn't joking. At the restaurant, we meet WWQP BBer, Liz Tamiso, her husband, Larry, and their daughter, Emily. Now, it was really a nice enough surprise to meet someone from the WWQP Bulletin Board in person, but Liz had something else for us. A most beautiful, wonderful quilt!!

It seems that our Bulletin Board readers had been planning this fantastic surprise for quite sometime now. And, I had absolutely no idea!! Yes, it was a total surprise. Now I don't have to feel bad about not getting around to making a Y2K quilt <G>. And that quilt has travelled much farther than I ever have!!

After Liz and Larry presented Eric and I with the quilt, we sat down to a lovely dinner & a lot of chatting. It was so nice to finally meet another BBer. And Eric was very impressed with Larry's digital camera!!

After dinner, we took the quilt home to get a real good look. I spent over an hour, sitting with my father (you'll see the back of his head in one of the following pictures) looking over all the signatures and fabrics. And, of course, my little one, Marty, got into the act too, climbing up in the chair, covering himself with the quilt. That's why I carefully put the quilt under the Christmas tree until after the holidays and I can find a "Marty proof" place to display it <G>.

Now, the thank yous!!

Thanks to Liz, Larry, & Emily for a wonderful surprise and a great dinner
Thanks to Glenda in Korea, Juli in Valencia, Laura in NC., Patty in N.Ca. and to the Serial Quilters for collecting all those little squares.
Thanks to Cassi in Ohio, the Serial Quilters, and the ladies who attended OHIO '99 for piecing all those little squares.
Thanks to Marguerite in Alaska for quilting the quilt
Thanks to Glenda in Korea for binding and making the label for the quilt (see, I told you the quilt was more travelled than I <G>).
And finally, thank you to all the many, many people who contributed fabric squares that made the quilt possible.

Please forgive me if I've overlooked anybody. It's hard to express how much this quilt means to me (& to Eric). Christmas has always been a hard time of the year for me, and I can't adequately express how much this quilt means to me!!

A very, very special thank you - Sue Traudt

Well, enough of me yakking. I'm sure, by now, you just want to see the quilt. I've put thumbnails and descriptions of the photos below. To see the big picture, just click on the thumbnail, but be forewarned, some of the images are pretty good sized. I wanted everyone to see the details, so I left many of the images big!

Here's the full size photo from the top of this page.
 L to R - Liz Tamiso, Sue, Liz's daughter Emily, and Eric at Peppercorns.
Here's the entire quilt, taken by Larry Tamiso. If you're only going to look at one picture, this is the one.
 A really good close up of the quilt.
Marty, Grandpa, and Sue looking at the quilt. Grandpa was very impressed (and that isn't easy to do).
 Here's a close up of Sue & Grandpa looking at all the siggies.
We really spent a long time looking at all the 2,000 fabric squares.
 Sue, still studying the quilt.
Marty really likes the quilt, that's why I'm still looking for a "safe" place for it.

I've taken a photo of the label and will add that as soon as I can get it editted & uploaded.

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